Since I am starting a new job and hate where I live, I am thinking about buying a house. I have only the vaguest idea of how to go about this. Naturally, I am googling questions like, “How do I find a realtor?” and shit, but of course, I want the insight of the GT community.

So how did homeowners here find a realtor? What are some things you didn’t know when you started that would have been helpful? Can I work with more than one? Does one typically interview several? Did anyone buy a house without a realtor?

Btw, “Part 1" is arbitrary. It’s just the question I happen to be wondering about first.

ETA: If it changes the advice, I have already made ample calculations regarding what I can afford and what I am willing to pay. If an agent has opinions, I will listen politely, but I’m not going in with the intention of getting their advice on that. If I did want a professional’s advice, I would definitely go to a financial planner, not to someone whose commission is a percentage of what I spend.