The cat just barfed on the living room floor, which was clear due to my tidying efforts the other day! So all she got was carpet! Whoo hoo!

How’s the kitchen work going? I started by washing dishes last night. I’m calling that an hors d’oeuvre. I have to toss some fruit that regrettably went bad into the compost. Before I can do that, I have to fix the compost bin. So that’s one of today’s jobs. I have a collection of empty wine bottles on the kitchen floor that are intended to make a border for my raised bed. The ground is nice and soft due to a lot of recent rains, so digging a trench to put the bottles in is my other job. I’m setting up a betting pool on what percentage of either of these I finish.

The problem with tidying is that before you can do something easy like compost your fruit, you first have to do something involved like fix the compost bin. Say it with me, “Simple does not mean easy.”