And the winner of yesterday’s fwc betting pool is:

If you bet on “take a few of the wine bottles outside and leave them next to the raised bed and then sort of realign the compost bin without actually repairing it,” well, the odds were definitely in your favor, but “repair the compost bin and take the compost out” was the dark horse that won the day. Yes, readers, I completed a task.

While this might seem like primarily an outdoor task, it did result in a tidier kitchen. When I was done, I put away all the tools that had been living on the kitchen floor ever since the last time I used them. I used a couple of pieces of wood that were living on the floor to reinforce the bin and put away the others. The floor is actually noticeably less cluttered.


How did I function in my kitchen with all this crap on the floor, you ask? Most of the tools were in the corner in front of the cabinet that I keep them in, and the rest got moved from side to side when I needed to stand in the place it occupied. I’m sure some of you can relate.

Today’s tasks: The wine bottles will be moved outside to get them out of the way. I don’t see digging trenches happening. I plan to do whatever is needed to put away the rest of the stuff on the floor and maybe start removing stuff from under the sink (and placing it on the newly cleared floor) so the maintenance guy has access to the under sink area. I also plan to make persimmon custard to fill the pâte brisée shell I made yesterday. Side note, I appear to suck at pâte brisée.

How was yesterday? What are you working on today? Kitchen tasks? Other tasks? Nothing at all? Buying flowers?