Last night I put up my bike stand and put my bikes on it. I moved in 6 years ago, and this was still not done. It took more than the hour I set the timer for.

How are your living rooms now? A little bare? Did you work on something else? Did anyone work on one of those list items from Day 1?


Oh god, it’s kitchen weekend. Nooooooooo. I have been both looking forward to and dreading this. My kitchen is the size of a generous walk in closet, and stuff has accumulated on the floor. I ran across a picture I took of my apartment quite a while ago that had the kitchen visible in the background—the floor was completely clear. Like the clutter in my bedroom, this is something I *really* want cleared up. I *miss* those clear floor days. I also need to call maintenance to fix the faucet, so I need to clear out under the sink. That’s the goal for the weekend: clear off floor and declutter under sink.

Whatever you decide to tackle, remember:

The goal isn’t a spotless kitchen, just a better one.

PS, Don’t forget to work on your project!