I’m thinking of going to Las Vegas for the July 4th weekend to watch fireworks and read by the pool. What are some other things that people enjoy that are not gambling either in or a short drive from Vegas? I’ve been to the Hoover dam.

I’m looking for museums, historical attractions, quirky shit that you might not look for but that you definitely wanted to go to once you learned it existed, art, architecture, that sort of thing. I’d be into short hikes but I am primarily an indoorsy person. I don’t want to shop.

I can look at Yelp and other travel sites, but I really want to hear from you folks, not from strangers. What did you do that you would do again?


ETA: I went on Yelp on my phone to see what museums were listed. Then I opened facebook, and there was an article from Rolling Stone, which I do not follow, on Vegas in my feed. Wtf, Yelp? Wtf, Facebook? Wtf, Apple?

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