Work is nothin' but woe

First, I went to Vegas! I passed through Oatman, AZ, on the way there. I went to the Shelby Heritage Center, the Las Vegas distillery, Red rock canyon, and the pinball hall of fame. I tried to go to the neon Museum, but I wanted to go at night, and you need a reservation to tour at night. On the way home, I passed through Goodsprings, NV, and Lake Havasu, AZ, home of the London was fun!

It was fun!

Onto my latest work problems. I had my interim review today. I was told one) you’re not enthusiastic enough and two) you don’t know our processes well enough. I previously told my boss that I am on the spectrum and that he could expect complaints about me based on how literal and direct I am. He attributed my lack of enthusiasm to my being on the spectrum. That is partially true, since flat affect is a spectrum trait, But mainly the problem is that the work I have is boring as fuck. Nevertheless, it was hurtful feedback, because I honestly cannot see what I should be doing differently. I feel like I show up with good cheer, I smile, not all the time, but often enough, or so I thought. Despite knowing that I am on the spectrum, his advice to me is to appear more enthusiastic. My advice to him was to go fuck himself, although I did not verbalize that. I really don’t know how to show enthusiasm. Should I smile more? Are there phrases I should be saying, like, “writing this document has been the most thrilling experience of my life and I am so glad I had the opportunity?” OK, that’s hyperbole, but still, I really want some tips here.


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