Extrovert Man (picture him in a cape with a stylized E on his chest (this is completely satirical)) said something to New Gal that I didn’t catch about her hair. She replied with something like, “Um, I combed it?” New Gal is married. I don’t know whether he has noticed the ring on her finger or not, but I am totally chuckling and will laugh a hollow laugh of despair and schadenfreude when he figures it out.

I had a meeting with a mansplaining motherfucker today. I don’t know why he was there. He recently joined the program, and I thought he was there to come up to speed on my portion of it, which apparently I am the expert on now (ha). I guess he thought he was there to explain to me how to do the things I have been doing for 2.5 months now. I kept saying things like, “Yes, exactly,” and “I agree” in response to him telling me how to proceed. I took particular pleasure in saying these things as he has been with the company longer and is senior to me. Ask A Manager just had a thread on how annoying it is when junior people say things like “I agree.” They specifically covered, “good call,” which I will have to work into my repertoire. When we ended the meeting, he said, “Well, we’re further along than I thought.” ORLY. You just got here, mother fucker. Go fuck yourself. I wonder who has been telling him what about me.


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